Sutler Cyrus



Sutler Cyrus offers arms, ammunition and headwear for all junior gentlemen adventrers, pioneers and plainsmen, as well as fine musical instruments for the tunefully challenged, and other items and curiosities, of great interest, and reasonable prices. For both the re-enactor and the public at large!

Be sure to take home some

Cartridge Candy, the official candy of

Canada’s History.


                             Play “Barn Door Broadside

                   or “Shoot the Ship”!

                                Using either a toy musket or

                               canon.  Participants win an

              appropriate prize

              *Cartridge Candy*

                           for their skill. Hit or miss,

                                  everybody wins playing these

                 interactive games.

                  It’s Rootin’, Tootin’,

      Shootin’ Fun!

Jeff Wakefield (Sutler Cyrus)

brings more than merchandise to an event. He brings ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATION that makes History Fun!

Sutler Cyrus is a member of, and insured by The Re-enactors Performance Group.

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Jeff Wakefield

Sutler Cyrus



32-40 Castlerock Dr.

Richmond Hill, On.

L4c 5H5