Historic Merchants


Welcome to the Historic Merchants  Demonstrators & Entertainers

What are Historic Merchants?

We are Merchants dedicated to the provision of historically based products and services for historical re-enactors, researchers, and those with a passion for historical goods and history.

The Historic Merchants on this website are from all over Ontario. We are an eclectic bunch and all have our own niche. We all do different events, from Renaissance to WWII, and some do many different time periods. Check out each Merchant and find out what their business consists of, and where you can find them throughout the year. If you have an event that you would like Historic Merchants at, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. You can contact any merchant directly from the links on their page.

Historic Demonstrators & Entertainers!

We have added demonstrators & Entertainers to our ranks.  The Historic knowledge they have is a much needed addition and adds to any event, from the Surgeon to the Storyteller & Magicians they will keep you informed and entertained. If you have an event and would like demonstrators and Entertainers at, you can contact them directly from the links on their page.

The Historic Merchants, Demonstrators & Entertainers is not an organization, and as such we are not responsible for the actions of any Merchant, Demonstrator or Entertainer. Keep in mind that each person owns his or her own business, and is responsible for said business.